Terms & Policies



Please email me directly to schedule. Ideally from there we can get you on board for a consistent training program. I see the most success with my clients who I train 2-3x a week!


Prior to beginning our training program, you will be sent a copy of my personal training agreement. This agreement includes a cancelation policy that states sessions must be canceled with 24 hours notice or the cost of session will still be owed.


Please get clearance from your doctor or other health care provider prior to starting your program, no matter your goals!

My pre/post natal mommas, medical clearance is imperative before we start working together.

Because a lot of my clients are actively in recovery from eating disorders or working toward positive body image goals and/or healing their relationship with food, I ask that any clients working with a treatment team get approval from their licensed doctor or therapist before starting a program. I am always happy to speak with your team and work with them!