There are countless opinions out there about what is right and wrong for pregnant women and mothers. My hope is that you’ve made it to my website because you know that this journey is YOURS and yours alone. My job as a coach, is to aid you safely through your pregnancy journey and beyond, honoring your goals and your unique body!

My passion for Pre & Post Natal Training was a natural progression - my career is founded in women’s wellness and becoming a mother, preparing for labor and beyond, are key issues for many women.

Not only do I hold multiple pre/post natal certifications, but I am also experiencing my first pregnancy. This personal level of experience and knowledge has been integral in my ability to aid my clients to the absolute best of my ability.

Together we will work on deep core breathing, pelvic floor integrity, core and glute activation, stability and strength, as well as powerful labor training techniques. Many ask if it’s “too early” or “too late” to start a prenatal program and the answer is simply - never. Skills for labor and delivery can be introduced at any stage; However, the sooner we start, the further we can go! I recommend 2-3x a week of personal training.

I offer 1:1 sessions at $100/hour or $80/45 minutes.

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