I truly believe that wellness requires a BALANCE of mental and physical health. And even deeper than that, we can work out diligently but still be unkind to our bodies and ourselves. If you’ve been battling food and constantly dieting without finding joy, I hope you can keep an open mind to what I have to offer!

When I was 13 I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. For years I waged a war against food and blamed my body for just about everything. Today, I’m fully recovered and practice mindful movement and intuitive eating. The methods I use promote complete wellness and will never come packaged as a diet in disguise.

My health coaching certification taught me a great deal, but my personal experiences have bolstered my work. I know what women experience - I’ve walked in similar shoes - Now I want to help you break free of diet culture, cyclical dieting and the many myths that plague our society and our relationship with food.

Together we will learn to: honor hunger cues & satiety cues, how to branch out and get comfortable cooking, how to trust yourself around food, true values of macronutrients, appropriate pre/post workout nutrition, and more. This is not a diet, this will not come back to bite you in the booty. This work is meant to get you a little uncomfortable for a few months in order to live the rest of your LIFE in food freedom!

I’d love to chat with you more about Intuitive Eating. The principles used are so very valuable and offer something for everyone!

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Photo by Tina Leu

Photo by Tina Leu