I started my fitness career in 2013 but my relationship with my body had been steadily evolving from the young age of 13.

As a teenager I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and Exercise Bulimia. I was in therapy, I was hospitalized, I relapsed, and did it all again. It took years but eventually I was free of my eating disorder. Today, I am thriving and live a life in balance.

In 2012 I found a cycling studio that was a dark space with no numbers to warp my experience. Up until this ride, I associated exercise strictly with a caloric burn. For once, I felt my body just move with power, purpose, and strength and fell in love with that feeling.

From there I started teaching group fitness, I became a NASM certified personal trainer, and I continued to work on myself. No, it wasn’t an easy journey - being surrounded by body conscious conversation day in and day out isn’t the most recovery forward environment - but I did it.

Today I work with women with a variety of struggles. I work with clients who are as young as 13, as old as 70. I am able to work collectively with treatment teams of my clients in active and solid recovery from eating disorders, or clients who may be working to overcome body image concerns. I work with pregnant women and postpartum mommas to empower them to have a healthy delivery and recovery. And I work with any women who just want a safe space to move and feel connected to their bodies.

I feel truly honored to do this work - as if all of my struggles weren’t in vain - they only prepared me for the incredible journey I’m on now with each of you!


A Few Fun Facts About Me:

  • I met my husband in 2013 when he was my personal trainer (I know, I know!)

  • I have a Great Dane named Lincoln who I often refer to as “my first born.”

  • I love hip hop music.

  • I grew up in Baltimore and have lived in DC for 10+ years now!

  • I love Mexican food - but who doesn’t?! ;)